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  • These forums serve as an extension of the Custom BIONICLE Wiki. When filling out an application, it is compulsory to state your correct username.
  • Given that this is a closed-community, activity on the Custom BIONICLE Wiki does not automatically entitle an individual to a membership within our ranks.
  • Speaking in American English is mandatory in order to prevent mistranslations. Currently, these forums do not offer alternative languages.
  • Swearing is loosely permitted. Abuse of this leniency, however, will result in swearing privileges being taken away.
  • Reasonably correct use of spelling is expected of all members in this community. As such, we compel you to use the appropriate amount of periods in an ellipsis. The excessive use of exclamation points or question marks is also frowned upon. Additionally, it is worth noting that smileys are generally not used on this server.
  • Site admins reserve the right to deactivate accounts at their discretion, either if they deem an individual to be causing extensive disruption or by popular vote from fellow forum members. Accounts may be terminated should any individuals reveal themselves to be monumental douche-canoes.
  • Role-playing is prohibited.
  • Don't excessively or repeatedly post spam in either the chat feature of the shoutbox. Also, please be mindful that the shoutbox is public and can be viewed by visitors to the site.
  • No real-life religious or political discussion on these forums.